• On time, professional, and friendly ambulance transportation.

• Pick up from private homes, nursing, hospitals, and assisted care living facilities.

• Transportation to and from preferred dialysis clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation sites, doctors offices, surgical centers, and more.

• Event services including school sports, festivals, marathons, and more.

• All paperwork and billing processed by United Medical Response.
Chances are our services are covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or Supplemental Private Insurace for transportation services that meet medical necessity. All required paperwork will be processed and maintained by United Medical Response.

Assuring that patients arrive to appointments on schedule not only makes operations run more efficiently, but also makes for happier patients. Care providers should know that United Medical Response handles all the hassle associated with filing paperwork for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurers which in turn decreases administrative costs for you. Care providers can recommend with confidence that United Medical Response will provide thier patients with the quality service they expect and deserve.